Rules and Regulations

Here at 916Movers we pride ourselves for being one of the moving companies without all of the hidden costs!  We hope that you will be pleased with our full service moving company, and will take full advantage of all the services we have to offer. In order to avoid any misunderstanding we ask you to take a few moments and review the rules and regulations of our company before scheduling your movers. You may also contact us at 916-529-2409 if you have any questions! Thanks for choosing 916Movers for all your relocation needs.

Labor, Truck Rental & Travel

Your use of 916Movers for any full service move, packing services, loading or unloading services to and from our moving truck, your rental truck, storage container, or storage shed, boxes and packing supplies, the number of moving laborers you hired from 916Movers, and the total amount of hours you used 916Movers determine your final costs.  For local moves your start time will begin at your first location and will end when all of your belongings have been unloaded at your final destination, and the 916Movers moving truck has returned to the condition it arrived in at the arrival of your first moving location. All moves will incur drive time between all locations and 916movers is not responsible for any unforeseen traffic when traveling between locations.  For locations outside of Sacramento and surrounding areas you may incur travel time to and from our facility and in addition to travel time between locations unless other arrangements are specified and agreed upon in advance.

Additional Services:

Any additional services such as but not limited to piano’s, gun safe and relocation of items exceeding 250 lbs will require a moving team with a minimum of 3 movers. If over-sized items are not discussed prior to your move we will be unable to relocate your oversized items for the safety of our moving teams.

Packing Service and Supplies:

Please not that you will be responsible for the cost of any boxes or additional packing supplies not supplied by 916Movers at the rates charged by 916Movers.


– Fuel charges will apply to all moves and will be disclosed upon reservation. If your pick up and destination address have changed you must contact 916Movers prior to your  moving date. The fees assessed over the phone will only include the addresses specified at the time of scheduling your move. There are no additional fees for extra stops or additional trips.

-Additional drive time fees will apply for moves outside of the Sacramento and surrounding area. These additional fees will be assessed at the time of scheduling.

-Additional charges will apply for trash disposal, storage, parking permits, toll fees, Piano’s, Gun safes and any other items exceeding 250 lbs. If your 916Movers representative is not informed of these items at the time of scheduling, we will be unable to give you an accurate quote or safely move your over-sized item. Items that exceed 250 lbs require a minimum of 3 movers.

– Though we proudly accept Credit and Debit cards for payment of your moving services please note that a 4% credit card fee will be charged in addition to your bill when using credit or debit cards.

You must be prepared to make payment in full after the unload of your moving truck. In the event that you are unable to make payment in full upon completion of your move 916Movers reserves the right to add an additional fee of $199 and a $25 per day fee will be accessed until full payment is made.
Any cancellations outside of a 72 hour period will result in a two hour minimum charge. By verbally providing 916Movers with your credit card information during reservation you authorize 916Movers to charge your card for the full amount of the bill listed on your moving services contract and agreement page and release 916Movers from any future disputes or charge back of any credit card transaction made to your account.

For the protection of your belongings we require that all mattresses be in protective cases/bags. If your mattress is not in a protective case/bag 916Movers will not responsible for any damage or dirt stains to the mattress.

Upon completion of the loading and or unloading of your goods at the origin or destination address, it is your responsibility to make sure that nothing is left behind. 916Movers will not be responsible for returning to any locations for left behind items on our moving truck.

By signing our moving services contract stating that you have inspected your belongings upon delivery you agree that all your goods have arrived under the same conditions to its destination thus waiving 916Movers from any damages. If you find damage to your belongings upon inspection you must note them on your paperwork and have 916Movers personnel sign for the damages. In the event of damages you must also send a written statement of damage, along with a copy of your receipt and any photos relating to said damage within 72 hours to 916Movers at

916Movers will be responsible for physical loss of or damage to any articles from external causes while being held or carried in transit, except for loss, damage or delay caused by an act, omission or direct order from the shipper.

916Movers will not move any plants, laundry detergent, oil, fuel, water, liquor, shampoo, perfumes, body lotions or any other bottled liquid of any kind. We will not move any weapons outside of a gun safe, poison, gas tanks, paint, stain or food. 916Movers will not assume any responsibility for any damage accrued to your goods from boxes that are packed by the customer and not 916Movers.  916Movers will not assume responsibility for any items packed that contain such items or any state penalty we may receive for carrying such items without our knowledge. (I.E. Un-inspected boxed items).

916Movers will not be liable for any documents, tickets, deeds, manuscripts, blue prints, bonds, notes, stock, stock certificates, plans, specifications, security bills, accounts bills, bills of exchange, evidence of debt, any packets of documents or other valuable papers.

916Movers will not assume responsibility to any items with extraordinary value such as but not limited to jewels, jewelry, gems, precious metals, gold, silver, or platinum items, watches, precious stones, pearls, money, bullion, art collection, stocks, bonds, stamps collection, pictures and picture albums, antiques and or cash, etc. Unless other arrangements have been made upon reservation and given in written consent by 916Movers personnel, It will be your responsibility to pack and move such items on your moving day. 916Movers will not be responsible for any boxes that contained such items.

As a licensed common household goods carrier in California, we are required to provide you with limited liability coverage at no additional charge. Under this option we assume liability limited to $0.60 per pound per article in the event of damage or loss. 916Movers provides this basic insurance policy for all moves which are completed with the use of a 916Movers moving truck. 916Movers will not assume any responsibility for damage or loss to china, breakable and or fragile items, unless packed and unpacked by 916Movers personnel, and/or caused directly by fire, collision or overturn of the transportation vehicle. 916Movers will not assume responsibility for any internal damage to electronic equipment, TVs or machines, regardless if packed or unpacked by 916Movers.

916Movers will not assume responsibility to your goods if loss or damage is caused by an act of nature such as but not limited to earthquake, flood, tornado or hurricane. We will not assume responsibility of your goods in times of hostile warlike actions, or act of arising riots, civil commotion, strikes or labor disturbances.

916Movers will not assume any responsibility to any press wood furniture in the event of damage or loss, because of its nature. Press wood or pre manufactured furniture is designed to be assembled once, and we believe moving in any case will always involve risk to the furniture once you have disassembled or moved it.

The 916Movers contract will be provided to you at the start of your move. If at any point you are unclear of the rules and regulations of your contract we request that you reach out to your representative prior to signing and agreeing to your moving services contract. 916Movers will not be held responsible for customers who do not read the moving rules and regulations located on our website. Please fully read your moving services contract prior to signing any locations on the 916Movers contract.
Gratuity is customary in the moving industry, however, it is never mandatory. If you are satisfied with the services we provided, we do not discourage gratuities given to our hard working professional movers. We are often asked what the typical tip for a mover is, and for your convenience the movers receive between 5%-10% gratuities per mover from the total cost of the move. However due to the sensitivity of this subject you are more then welcome to offer any amount of gratuity to your mover. Please feel free to discuss this matter with your relocation consultant or your moving experts at any time.