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Personalized Services For Every Type of Residential & Commercial Move

916Movers can easily remove the stress and hassle that moving yourself can cause.

There are no additional charges for stairs, appliances, shrink-wrap, moving blankets, additional equipment, or weekends!

Our services include:

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What We Offer


We'll pack your belongings. Inquire about supplies we offer.


We can handle any local service, including assembling furniture.


We service multiple types of businesses.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Please note that 916Movers charges by the quarter hour. We accept cash or credit/debit cards

Though we proudly accept Credit and Debit cards for payment of your moving services please note that a 4% credit card fee will be charged in addition to your bill when using credit or debit cards.

We do not accept checks, money orders, cryptocurrency, or cashier's checks for final payment.

Are there additional fees?

Additional charges will apply for trash disposal, storage, parking permits, toll fees, pianos, gun safes, and any other items exceeding 250 lbs. If your 916Movers
representative is not informed of these items at the time of scheduling, we will be unable to give you an accurate quote or safely move your oversized item. Items that exceed 250 lbs require a minimum of 3 movers.

What if I need to cancel my move?

Any cancellations outside of a 72hr period will result in a two hour minimum charge. By verbally providing 916Movers with your credit card information during reservation you authorize 916Movers to charge your card for the full amount of the bill listed on your moving services contract and agreement page and release 916Movers from any future disputes or charge back of any credit card transaction made to your account.

When is payment due?

You must be prepared to make payment in full after the unload of your moving truck. In the event that you are unable to make payment in full upon completion of your move 916Movers reserves the right to add an additional fee of $199 and a $25 per day fee will be accessed until full payment is made.

What is involved in the time I am paying for the move?

For local moves, your start time will begin at your first location and will end when all of your belongings have been unloaded at your final destination, and the 916Movers truck has returned to the condition it arrived in at the arrival of your first moving location. All moves will incur drive time between all locations and 916movers is not responsible for any unforeseen traffic when traveling between locations. For locations outside of Sacramento and surrounding areas, you may incur travel time to and from our facility in addition to travel time between locations unless other arrangements are specified and agreed upon in advance

Do you move mattresses?

For the protection of your belongings, we require that all mattresses be in protective cases/bags. If your mattress is not in a protective case/bag 916Movers will not responsible for any damage or dirt stains to the mattress.

What items will you not move?

916Movers will not move any plants, laundry detergent, oil, fuel, water, liquor, shampoo, perfumes, body lotions or any other bottled liquid of any kind. We will not move any weapons outside of a gun safe, poison, gas tanks, paint, stain, anything flammable or food.

What else should I know?

Please visit our resources page and make sure you have read a copy of the "Important Information for Persons Moving Household Goods (within California)" prepared by the CA PUC.