Relocating is sometimes necessary for various reasons. Maybe your drive to work is farther than you’d like, or you’ll save money if you move to a different location. Whatever your motivation is for making that change, 916Movers will get rid of some of the stress that moving to a new and unfamiliar place can cause.


* Residential Moving

* Office Moving

* Single Item Pick Up

* Delivery



100% No Hidden Fee Guarantee!

At 916Movers we take great pride in our 100% no hidden fee guarantee. There are no additional charges for stairs, appliances, or weekends! At the end of the day you can rest assured knowing exactly what to expect on your moving bill!


We offer all moving equipment free of charge.


* Quilted Moving Pads


* Industrial Moving Straps, Tie Downs, and Bands


* Professional Grade Moving Dollies


* Assembly/Disassembly


* Shrink wrap





Please note that  916Movers charges by the quarter hour and does not accept checks, money orders, or cashiers checks for final payment. CASH PAYMENT is preferred at this time at no additional charge. 916Movers charges an additional 4% fee if the final amount of your moving bill is placed on a credit card or debit card.